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Chinese Spring Festival Coming, MZ Floor New Letter for its clients

mz floor

MZ Floor will have Chinese new year from 2020-1-24 to 2020-2-1. Thanks for our colleagues’ hard working. We finished the loading at our custom last working day. While other factory has our of work for weeks. MZ still keeping on working for every order. MZ Floor will do his best to support its clients.  

Still Do not know how to clear your laminate flooring? Here the Methods!


When Festival coming,The annual house-wide cleaning is on the agenda again. Are you going to take care of the wooden floor of your house in 2020? Learn these tips to clean the laminate flooring and make your home as bright as new one. 1.White vinegar + softener + water Wooden tiles, unlike tiles, can be […]

The Demand of the flooring Market Trends of 2020


With the combination of factors such as the rapid rise of the middle class, the acceleration of consumption upgrades, and the drastic changes in market demand, not only has it strongly promoted the large-scale detonation of high-end and high-end flooring, but it has also made the flooring industry present three major new trends! Trend 1: […]

Kitchen Laminate Flooring? Why not choose like this

kitchen laminate flooring

Why is someone else’s dining room,Can be called a family restaurant,Can people still linger on? 1. European classical style Kitchen European classical style with traces of age,With an irresistible artistic tension.Used in restaurants, the essence of elegance is concentrated on a table.a chair, between the trees,Through the herringbone flooring from the Palace of Versailles,Reproduce the […]