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How to Choose Laminate Flooring? Answer Here!

how to choose laminate flooring

As an important aspect of home decoration, wood flooring has become the carrier and stage of the entire home design. The science of wood flooring purchase and color matching is very important! The only trick to choose a wood floor pattern that is consistent with the decoration style of the entire room is to combine […]

90m2 home, “Chinese style” Indoor decorations

laminate flooring

In the past time. We talked lots of decorations of other country. Then we decide to adivce some our own design.This is “Fo style’ of China. It comes from the Buddhism.Designer want to set the peaceful into people’s life.Then Check the design below: Living Room The Buddha Style is very similar to the popular Nordic style.They […]

Kitchen Laminate Flooring? Why not choose like this

kitchen laminate flooring

Why is someone else’s dining room,Can be called a family restaurant,Can people still linger on? 1. European classical style Kitchen European classical style with traces of age,With an irresistible artistic tension.Used in restaurants, the essence of elegance is concentrated on a table.a chair, between the trees,Through the herringbone flooring from the Palace of Versailles,Reproduce the […]