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2020 Popular laminate flooring colors Here!

kitchen laminate flooring

As the crisis of 2020, Almost all of countries publised the Outdoor bans. All of business stopped. But Have you ever thinked about what will happen when bans finished? It have proved by China. It has reached a peak consumption. Then what about you? No prodcuts in stock! No Hotsale flooring! The price of supplier […]

Still Do not know how to clear your laminate flooring? Here the Methods!


When Festival coming,The annual house-wide cleaning is on the agenda again. Are you going to take care of the wooden floor of your house in 2020? Learn these tips to clean the laminate flooring and make your home as bright as new one. 1.White vinegar + softener + water Wooden tiles, unlike tiles, can be […]

Pay attention to Install flooring in winter! This will ruins your flooring!

grey laminate flooring

The casing happened in this winter In this winter,One of our clients get an order of laminate flooring installation, in order to adapt to the user’s environment, the floor is shipped to the customer’s home before Christmas Day. After hoilday,The client asked to install the floor, and Our cliebts sent his team to the client’s […]

The color of the substrate is different, does it mean that the laminate flooring is not good?

The basis for judging whether the quality of laminate flooring products is qualified is the product quality standards. From the perspective of the dispute between the two parties regarding the color of the substrate, it should belong to the appearance of the product. However, the appearance quality inspection items of the laminate flooring standard “GB […]

How to Choose Laminate Flooring? Answer Here!

how to choose laminate flooring

As an important aspect of home decoration, wood flooring has become the carrier and stage of the entire home design. The science of wood flooring purchase and color matching is very important! The only trick to choose a wood floor pattern that is consistent with the decoration style of the entire room is to combine […]

The Flooring climbed up to the wall, Really beautiful!

flooring on the wall

Wall with laminate flooring It is becoming a trend. compared to wooden floor, Laminate flooring is more affordable Simple, creative, Instantly make your interior style unique, Without the hassle of dressing up. The choice of wooden flooring for the background wall of the bedroom gives a peaceful, seductive natural charm, a magical power different from […]

How to choose the bedroom laminate flooring? Dozens of cases for you!

bedroom floorimng

Simple natural light wood color For a simple bedroom space with strong wood tones, Then match the light wooden wood floor, The overall harmonious and unified texture, Will make the space look elegant and natural. Gives a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Young grey Laminate flooring Wooden floor with grey tones. For young people, It is […]

High-grade gray, a secret to make your family more expensive and beautiful!

grey laminate flooring1

High-grade gray is the immortal myth of fashion Elegant, versatile, mysterious, ultimate Mature and steady without losing the charming. Let us show the casing below: 1.Living Room Space echoes each other in color Smooth lines, simple and stylish Gray-blue leather sofa with wall marble Highlights the modern and modern space Gray single chair and coffee […]