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2020 Popular laminate flooring colors Here!

kitchen laminate flooring

As the crisis of 2020, Almost all of countries publised the Outdoor bans. All of business stopped. But Have you ever thinked about what will happen when bans finished? It have proved by China. It has reached a peak consumption. Then what about you? No prodcuts in stock! No Hotsale flooring! The price of supplier […]

The Flooring climbed up to the wall, Really beautiful!

flooring on the wall

Wall with laminate flooring It is becoming a trend. compared to wooden floor, Laminate flooring is more affordable Simple, creative, Instantly make your interior style unique, Without the hassle of dressing up. The choice of wooden flooring for the background wall of the bedroom gives a peaceful, seductive natural charm, a magical power different from […]

The Demand of the flooring Market Trends of 2020


With the combination of factors such as the rapid rise of the middle class, the acceleration of consumption upgrades, and the drastic changes in market demand, not only has it strongly promoted the large-scale detonation of high-end and high-end flooring, but it has also made the flooring industry present three major new trends! Trend 1: […]

How to choose the bedroom laminate flooring? Dozens of cases for you!

bedroom floorimng

Simple natural light wood color For a simple bedroom space with strong wood tones, Then match the light wooden wood floor, The overall harmonious and unified texture, Will make the space look elegant and natural. Gives a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Young grey Laminate flooring Wooden floor with grey tones. For young people, It is […]

90m2 home, “Chinese style” Indoor decorations

laminate flooring

In the past time. We talked lots of decorations of other country. Then we decide to adivce some our own design.This is “Fo style’ of China. It comes from the Buddhism.Designer want to set the peaceful into people’s life.Then Check the design below: Living Room The Buddha Style is very similar to the popular Nordic style.They […]

Light Brown Laminate Flooring, Satisfying All my Imagination of My Home

brown laminate flooring

Although gray is the current popular color,Representing simplicity, advancedness, and indifference…It is an extremely versatile, error-free color. But Xiaomu always felt that the gray was a little cold.Mixed with warm gray gray, it is the look of home!Gray-brown is both simple and elegant, and full of warmth.Meet the imagination of Xiaomu to the home! Brown […]

MZ Floor Have a Perfect ending at The 126th Canton Fair

MZ Floor 126th Canton Fair

MZ Floor have attend the 126th Canton Fair.(9.1N 23-24).MZ Floor has showed its 26 newest produts in the Canton Fair. It welcomed by our customers as soon as they met.We happliy has more than 1100 visitors during these days. Thanks for all of the trust and best wishes from our clients. MZ FLOOR will always […]