High-grade gray, a secret to make your family more expensive and beautiful!

grey laminate flooring1

High-grade gray is the immortal myth of fashion
Elegant, versatile, mysterious, ultimate
Mature and steady without losing the charming.

Let us show the casing below:

1.Living Room

Space echoes each other in color
Smooth lines, simple and stylish
Gray-blue leather sofa with wall marble
Highlights the modern and modern space
Gray single chair and coffee table arranged in order
Embed space to add temperature to life

Brass table lamp and high-grade gray match each other
Produce a strong visual impact
The flames in the fireplace lit up the space
Bring elegance and enjoyment to the residents

grey laminate flooring2

2.Dinning Room

Dark green dining chair with wooden dining table
a natural atmosphere
Black and white art painting placed on the wall
Adding an elegant touch to the space.


Open kitchen and restaurant perfectly connected
Separated only by floor tiles and wooden floors
Overall tone harmony
Exudes a comfortable and elegant atmosphere of life

grey laminate flooring6

4. Bedroom

The embellishment of brass elements reflects the lifestyle of elegance
Extracting modern aesthetics from life
Construct a space of both artistic and living

Raw wood, metal lines, cotton, etc.
In the contrast between softness, coldness and warmth
Balanced space temperature and improved space style

Gray and pink soft bag full of high sense
Show a concise, bold aesthetic concept
Metal lines with vintage velvet flannel
The natural atmosphere is quietly revealed
Bringing a sense of stability and nostalgia to the space

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grey laminate flooring